Monday, August 25, 2008

Breakaway Barrett....

Barrett had her first Kindergarten Soccer games over the weekend. Her school had a tournament over Saturday and Sunday and she got to play in 3 games. She really enjoyed herself and seemed to get the hang of it fairly quickly, considering they have only had a couple of practices.

A few times she was able to get the ball and dribble in front down to the goal. This excitement made her enjoy the sport even more(however, no points made yet). I heard a few of the moms on the sidelines calling her "Breakaway Barrett" when she would do this...saying she was small and quick and nobody could see her. I hadn't realized what a cheerleader I would enjoy being for her games -- I am surprised I still have my voice! I am a very proud mama.

Before her last game of the tourney, Barrett asked..."mom if I make a goal this game, could I get a really BIG ice cream?" I, of course replied, "the biggest one you've ever seen!" Maybe next time.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Barrett started her first official full day of Kindergarten today. She loves it already. She began Wednesday with a half day in her new classroom. There was much anticipation built up for this day and whenever Barrett was confronted with the question of "Are you looking forward to Kindergarten?" Her response has always been "I'm not excited about it...let's not even talk about it." Her biggest concern was the long time period away from home.

When I brought her in that first day, surprisingly, there were no tears from either of us. Little Peyton seemed to be the only one to express sadness for this huge occasion. Barrett's classroom was adorable, we couldn't have asked for a nicer teacher and my nephew Jaden occupies the seat next to her in class. So far so good. When I picked her up from school that day, Barrett said "I don't even think I'll notice the long day because I've made so many friends." What a pleasant surprise. My little girl is even braver than I expected.
Today, she walked into school like it was old hat. She put her things where they belong, started her coloring and didn't even flinch when we bid her farewell. She even brought lunch money to purchase the meal at school. I can't get over her maturity! She's decided that she is really going to like it there -- I think she'll actually miss it over the weekend. All that worrying for nothing. Yay!

Friday, August 1, 2008

When you can can skate

As I've mentioned, Barrett has taken up ice skating. She has been taking lessons since January and has been moving up levels quite quickly. She's got a knack for it and catches on fast.

This week Brad went to the Play it Again Sports store looking for soccer spikes for Barrett because she is signed up for the Kindergarten soccer team. While there, he came across some inexpensive roller blades in her size, and decided they would be good practice for her.

Last night, Barrett and her daddy went out in front to try them out. She was a natural! The two boys in the neighborhood (who got their roller blades at the beginning of the summer) were taking note of her techniques -- asking "Barrett, how do you do those swizzle things?" First try and she was already blading like an old pro.

I guess she's going to be one of those kids who can excel at anything athletic (like her dad was, not me), coordinated and quick-learning. I'm so proud of her -- and I think she's pretty proud of herself too!