Saturday, December 27, 2008

Had ourselves a merry little Christmas...

A wonderful Christmas was had by all here at our house. A beautiful Christmas Eve mass, lots of presents at Grandmas (including a surprise Barbie dream house for the girls), running wild with the cousins, great food and lots of caroling. Everyone got what they wanted from Santa: Peyton got her swimming rescue dog, Barrett got her Wii, Daddy got Mario kart and mommy got her spinning shoes (and a fabulous coat too). Santa apparently doesn't know there is a recession going on! So we've all been spoiled and we are all very thankful for the extravagant Christmas -- that we will worry about later!

We hope everyone else had a beautiful Christmas too -- and a happy new year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Whole Lot of Christmas Goin' On...

Over the weekend, Santa visited our neighborhood and took the kids for carriage rides up and down the street.

Then, Barrett had her Christmas performance at school. All the Kindergartners sang songs to the parents and grandparents. Barrett was wonderful!

And finally, Peyton had her Preschool Christmas party. They played games, made ornaments and decorated cookies. And mommy got to be one of the class helpers.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Girls will be girls...

At Barrett's Kindergarten birthday party the girls set out to bowl...but did more of this! Hand claps and Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe? Girls will be girls, I guess.

2 parties, 2 wishes

Now that Barrett is in Kindergarten, she was granted two birthday parties this year. One with her friends. A super-fun cosmic bowling party with all the girls in her class. And one with her family. A great gathering of just about every one of her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. 2 parties. 2 cakes. 2 wishes. And TONS of presents. She was a very happy birthday girl this year.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Barrett!

Today when the girls woke up, we immediately started talking about how it was Barrett's 6Th Birthday today. Peyton asked "Barrett is SIX today?...TODAY? Barrett stand up and show me six!" Barrett stood up in all her glory. Peyton said "Six looks the same as 5 to me!"

Dear Barrett,

I can't believe you are six today! You are such a big girl. You have already learned so much this year. You are so enthused about school, especially reading. I marvel at your accomplishments so far. You have also learned so much about Jesus already at school -- it is really neat to watch. Your manners and thoughtfulness have really come a long way. Most of the time, you are a fantastic big sister! You really care about your family. And you are really talented. You are such a sweet girl...and a very fun girl...and a very smart girl. I am so proud of you and I am having the best time watching you grow into yourself. I love you.

Love, Mom