Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Bip Fairy came last night...

Once Peyton turned four she knew the time was nearing that she had to give up her beloved Bippy. She only sees Bippy at night time, but is really hooked! Four is the limit at the Laspe household (and you don't have to tell me that this is much too long!). We held off even longer for our Gulf Shores vacation to make for a more tolerable car ride. So time was up!

Last night was a full moon -- and that is when the Bip Fairy makes her visits. It was an emotional evening. All day, Peyton talked about how she knew what the night would bring and she seemed okay with it. But then when it was time to say goodbye to her dear friend and place him on the windowsill, she became very sad. And then...I became very sad. It was hard to see her hurting like that over something so special to her. And then, for me, it became about her officially becoming a big girl. She is my baby and I could only think about how cute and cuddly and calm she became when she popped that bippy in her mouth. I cried right along with her and reminded her of what a big girl she was becoming, how proud I was of her and that everything was going to be okay.

She actually fell asleep quickly once the long goodbyes were over (every family member and every stuffed animal in her bed had to bid farewell). And this morning when she awoke the Bip Fairy had left her a beautiful fairy barbie it its place that she's been playing with all morning.

So long Bippy, buddy. You will be missed -- but I hope the cherished good slumber of this household did not sail to the moon right along with you!